New York City - Street fight on corner

look, a fight:

i made a pit stop in a starbucks somewhere on the lower east side and i saw this guy who appeared to be a bike messenger (maybe not) and an old asian guy (for sure he was an old asian guy) getting into a fight because they ran into each other at the intersection. the old guy could have walked away but WOULDN'T LEAVE THE BIKE DUDE ALONE, the bike guy even said 'stop following me man', so the bike dude totally let him have it, POW! KRYPTONITE LOCK TO THE FACE LIKE 3 OR 4 TIMES! Dude's face was actually bleeding hard core for like the next 10 minutes, but i had to bounce soon after. Crazy, and oddly enough, the very next day i saw another fight in the street between two women and titties were flyin in that one, high heels bangin on car windows... unfortunately i did not have the camera, bummer. Enjoy.