Michael Jackson - Thriller

Michael Jackson's superhit Thriller. A tribute to MJ. RIP.

Michael Jackson - Black Or White

Michael Jackson's superhit Black Or White. A tribute to MJ. RIP.

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

Michael Jackson's superhit Smooth Criminal. A tribute to MJ. RIP.

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's superhit Billie Jean. A tribute to MJ. RIP.


Carson Show- Ed McMahon

Funny clip of Ed McMahon who died. Remembering him with this funny clip.

DEADLINE ( cool post-it stop motion)

cool animation made with lots and lots of post-it notes!

He's Barack Obama

Its a bird! Its a plane! No, he's Barack Obama and hes come to save the day!

The Last Airbender Teaser Trailer

Very cool looking trailer for the Last Airbender, the movie directed by the guy who also made 6th Sense and is based on the Nickelodeon cartoon. Very much looking forward to this!


Little Robot Makes Coffee

Cool video of a little robot making a cup of coffee for his master. A very good video from someone in Japan!

Guitar: Impossible

Awesome video of this talented guy playing the guitar and using clever stop motion stuff to make it into a really cool music video! Watch in awe!

50 Reasons why the Star Wars prequels are Sh*t

Great and funny video showing why the Star Wars prequels are not good. In fact, this guy says they're sh*t. It's pretty funny and I have to agree!

Vanila Ice performing ICE ICE BABY in Melbourne

Here's something from aeons ago, Vanilla Ice! I remember the song from my childhood, so I kinda enjoyed this music video of him performing the song.


Barack Obama Kills Fly Like a Ninja

US President Barack Obama kills a fly with his incredible ninaj skills!

2012 - Trailer

cool new trailer for 2012, the new Roland Emmerich disaster movies. The effects looks good, I am looking forward to this cool movie!

Daily Show's John Hodgman - Radio & Television Correspondents Dinner

Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman gives a funny speech at the Radio and Televison Correspondents Dinner. It takes a while till it gets funny, but this is really good!

Pink - Funhouse ( Official Video )

Not the best version around but it helps you to get a first impression of the new Pink song. I like it!


Earth 2100

Cool and a bit scary trailer for an ABC News Special about the end of the world -- if we don't change our ways.

Baby Porcupine Has Hiccups

Aw, what a cute little animal this porcupine baby is! And it's making cute hiccup noises! So sweet!

Owl Loves Head Scratch

This owl just loves to get his head scratched, how lovely! Also ,the owl makes very strange noises, I guess that's what they do.

Spam Police

A man on a mission to stop the evil of chain comments.
Cool and funny Lego stop motion animation.


What is Love? on Mario Paint Composer

The famous song by Haddaway "What is Love" done in the Mario Composer game application. Still sounds awesome!

On Top Of Spaghetti - Wacky Song

It is a song about a waiter who pursues a meatball over quite a distance. A diner sneezes, sending the meatball off his dish and on a journey. I just realised the tune is the same as 'On top of old smokey'.


Funny video showing how easy it is to go fishing with grenades. A bit unfair, but you can do it. This was done in Afghanistan, so that's why the title says it.

New Alf TV Show Intro

Funny video! This would have made the TV show Alf quite interesting, the hole family seems to enjoy it!


13 second ghost

be sure to turn up the volume so you can hear what the ghost says!

Cat vs. Bathtub

Not nice, this guy forces his cat into a bathtub and the cat obviously doesn't like it. cats don't like water.

The Beatles: Rock Band Press Conference Trailer

Very awesome trailer for this new game, now you can play the beatles' songs on the rock band game! Sooooo cooooool!

Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling 2009

The great British sport of cheese rolling! WTF?


Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

This is very cleverly done, I must admit. Really awesome literal version this famous song! Also, catchy!

Toy Story 3 - Teaser

I am excited! Toy Story 3 is coming, hooray!!!!!

Xbox E3

Looks like the Xbox turns into a Wii with this motion sensor crap!

The Twilight Saga | NEW MOON First Official Trailer

Cool new trailer for the new Twilight movie. I like it!

Tank Diffuses Car Bomb

The quick and easy way to defuse car bombs everywhere, hahahaha!

CD Bubble

I have no idea how they do that or if it will work if I do it at home... but this is cool and looks awesome!

Bruno lands on Eminem

This is a stunt and fake, but still very funny. Why else would Eminem wear a Mike so we can hear him? Also, some MTV guy wrote it on a blog. So bruno falling on Eminem is still funny but sadly fake. TV sucks anyway.

Damien Walters: Superhero

This guy has incredible skills, just awesome! How does he do it?

MTV Awards - Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions

Funny comedians Andy Samberg and Will Ferrell make fun of some of our favorite action movie cliches in this funny song parody!